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Explore Rustomjee Kasara The Home of Your Dreams Is Here!

Situated in the middle of the peaceful surroundings, Rustomjee Kasara is a tribute to luxurious life in the lap of royalty. This residential retreat provides a lifestyle that goes beyond the typical by skillfully fusing contemporary elegance with the tranquility of its surroundings. Rustomjee Kasara, which is meant to be a haven from the busy city life, enthralls with its verdant surroundings and expansive vistas that challenge notions of what a home is.

Enter a world where every little thing has been carefully designed to improve your quality of life. Complexity permeates the architecture, resulting in an atmosphere that speaks to both substance and flair. The homes are a tribute to modern architecture, with spacious interiors and luxurious finishes that show a never-wavering dedication to excellence.

Outside the four walls, Rustomjee Kasara provides a range of amenities that address all facets of your wellbeing. Take a dip in the glistening pool, relax in the beautifully designed gardens, or stimulate your senses in the modern activity facility. This opulent community provides a well-rounded lifestyle that skillfully combines leisure and leisure time.

Adopt a way of life where each sunrise is an opportunity for promise and each sunset is a peaceful painting on the sky. Rustomjee Kasara is more than simply a place to live; it’s a representation of a peaceful living where luxury is a way of life and modernism coexists with nature. Greetings from a sanctuary where every second is an opportunity to savor the remarkable.

Watch Your Future Home in Action!

Welcome to Rustomjee Kasara, where your dream of owning the perfect plot comes true! Nestled in the serene beauty of nature, Rustomjee Kasara offers you the ideal location to build your dream home. Imagine waking up to the fresh mountain air, surrounded by lush greenery and the soothing sounds of nature. This is what life at Rustomjee Kasara is all about. 

Check out our latest video to explore the stunning landscapes and get a glimpse of what awaits you at Rustomjee Kasara.  

Explore Rustomjee Plots Kasara Thane Key Highlights!

Rustomjee Kasara Room Little Bit Highlighted
  • 1Open Space more than 60%
  • 2Structural Interior Desgined Homes
  • 3Offers An Exquisite Lifestyle in the Middle of the City
  • 4Expected Landparcel - 18 Acres
  • 51 Km from The Main road Junction
  • 6Best City Panaromic Views
  • 710 Km. to Powai Mumbai
  • 8Emerging hub with proximity of Mall, Hospitals and schools within 1.5 kms
  • 9Area being developed as central Thane just next to Malls and Schools
  • 10Offering amenities at all levels: ground, podium, clubhouse, and rooftop

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Affordable Price List Inside!

Come into an extravagant adventure at Rustomjee Kasara, where affordability and luxury converge. With a variety of well planned homes available, this oasis of comfort guarantees that every investment opens the door to a surpassing way of life. At Rustomjee Kasara, find the ideal balance between elegance and affordability to turn your dream house into a reality.


2000 Sq.ft

₹ 50 Lacs* Onwards
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Custom Requirement

₹ On Request
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Explore Our Floor Plans for Rustomjee Kasara!

Rustomjee Kasara’s carefully considered floor plans reveal an ensemble of architectural beauty. Every home is an inventive work of art that maximizes space usage without sacrificing style. The open floor plans create a fluid and open feel by seamlessly connecting living rooms. Large windows let in plenty of natural light, which creates an open and revitalizing atmosphere in the rooms.

The carefully planned floor plans accommodate the various demands of contemporary living, giving inhabitants a blank canvas to customize and turn into their dream haven. Every floor plan, from the roomy multi-bedroom flats to the stylish studio apartments, demonstrates Rustomjee Kasara’s dedication to building houses that appeal to modern sensibilities.

Suppose you are living in a house where every element has been carefully chosen to improve your everyday life as you look through the various alternatives. Function and beauty coexist in harmony thanks to the well-planned room layout and smooth transitions between areas. The floor plans by Rustomjee Kasara promise to be more than simply a place to live; they’re a sanctuary designed to take your way of life to the next level. Upon entering, you will experience a place where desire and design collide, offering a look into the future of opulent life.

Explore Our Magnificent Picture Collection!

Enjoy the gallery of Rustomjee Kasara and experience his visual poetry, where each image conveys the story of refinement and luxury. The eye-catching photos highlight the superior craftsmanship and contemporary style that characterize these homes. Visit an opulent realm and imagine living the magnificent lifestyle that Rustomjee Kasara provides.

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Find Your Way to Rustomjee Kasara Thane Maps & Address!

With the help of Rustomjee Kasara’s thorough maps, find your way to your ideal house and position yourself at the center of luxury and convenience. Nestled at a beautiful site, Rustomjee Kasara invites you to a place where natural beauty and accessibility go hand in hand. The maps lead you to this elegant haven with ease, making your commutes to and from your flat enjoyable every time.

Rustomjee Kasara’s address, at the intersection of connectivity, is proof of premium real estate. This well-chosen location offers you convenient access to important transport hubs as well as peaceful surroundings, resulting in the ideal combination of urban convenience and peaceful living. Rustomjee Kasara’s address guarantees a beautiful comfortable experience for every trip, regardless of whether you’re coming from the city centre or touring the surrounding areas.

Allow the maps to guide you to a place where elegance is found at each coordinate and the address itself assumes the role of a status indicator. Rustomjee Kasara is waiting for you, and getting to your magnificent retreat is just as magical as arriving there.

Get to know Rustomjee Kasara Thane Amenities to Live in Luxury!

Rustomjee Kasara redefines luxurious living with a symphony of conveniences that enhance the everyday. Enter the beautiful pool’s blue waters, where recreation and relaxation come together harmoniously. Modern workout centre beckons, presenting a comprehensive approach to health, while well designed gardens offer a peaceful haven. There are plenty of sports to choose from, such as tennis courts that resound with the sound of competition and expertly designed jogging paths that wind through the embrace of nature.

The yoga and meditation areas provide a haven for people looking for quiet time to relax and revitalize their bodies and minds. Laughter reverberates in the lively children’s play area, creating a sense of joy and community. Every minute is an opportunity for leisure and enjoyment through Rustomjee Kasara’s efforts.

The communal areas improve the quality of life even beyond the opulent interior design. The clubhouse serves as a gathering place for residents, encouraging them to build relationships in a sophisticated environment. The facilities of Rustomjee Kasara go above and beyond what is typical, fostering a place where each day feels like a vacation. Every facility, from the lively social areas to the calm areas intended for reflection, showcases the dedication to creating a lifestyle that goes above and beyond. Welcome to Rustomjee Kasara, where each luxury is a lavish painting that beckons you to indulge in the extraordinary.

Got Questions? Find Answers Here

What is Rustomjee Plots Kasara Thane and where is it located?

Rustomjee Plots Kasara Thane is an upcoming residential project in Thane, located in the bustling suburb of Mumbai. It is being developed by Rustomjee.

What types of residential units are available in Rustomjee Plots Kasara Thane?

The project offers spacious and modern plots.

What are some of the key amenities offered in Rustomjee Plots Kasara?

Rustomjee Plots Kasara offers a range of luxurious amenities, including a swimming pool, clubhouse, gym, indoor games, children’s play area, and more.

What is the starting price of residential units in Rustomjee Plots Kasara Thane?

A: The starting price of a residential unit in Rustomjee Plots Kasara Thane is On Request.